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Pramāsana™ Scalp Treatment

Revitalize your scalp with Aveda scalp treatment, effective against dandruff, thinning hair or itchy scalp. Pramāsana™ scalp treatment repairs hair roots and remedy hair-loss to promote healthy hair-regrowth. Trusted by our customers from Singapore and Malaysia.

When do you need scalp treatment?

aveda-scalp-treatment-johor-bahru There are 3 signs that indicates that you might need a scalp treatment: Itchy scalp, flakes and hair thinning.

Itchy Scalp

There are main two main causes for an itchy scalp: Oily scalp and Dry-scalp. The itchiness caused by oily scalp is because the accumulation of sweat, oil, dirt or dead scalp cells. When not cleansed thoroughly, hair follicles will get clogged and the skin will react to it and therefore scalp will react to itchiness. There is no winter in tropical countries e.g. Malaysia or Singapore, else the itchiness caused by dry-scalp could be worsen. From our past experience, the main problem of dry scalp is due to under-moisture(long office hours) or dandruff(skin issue). Other factors such as over-shampoo, skin conditions, stress or product allergy.


Like itchy scalp, there are two causes of flakes-shed: Dry scalp of dandruff. Major part of flakes are actually dead skin cells. The flakes sheds or fall when there are not enough oil to lubricate the scalp. Usually flakes caused by dry scalp, the flakes appears to be in the form of white color, smaller, dry flakes. On the other hand, the caused of flakes could also because of the dandruff. Greasy dandruff turns scalp oily, the oily build-up of dead scalp cells contribute to shed of flakes. The appearance of such flakes are usually larger than dry-scalp flakes, yellow in color and oily.

Hair Thinning

Hair thinning is a minor type of hair loss, the issue will progressively contribute to baldness if care is not attended to. Various factors such as hormone-imbalance, stress, hereditary , pregnancy or mal-nutrition could be the possible cause for hair thinning. The most of the factors affect the hair growth rate of hair follicles, proper cause of hair thinning needed to be identified before a right treatment is chosen to remedy the issue.

About Aveda Scalp Treatment

aveda-pramasana-product  Aveda offers several scalp treatment options: Pramāsana™, scalp remedy™, invati advanced™, we will need to examine your case to advise proper product for scalp treatment. All products from Aveda are based on ingredients of plants and flowers, the botanical-pureness is up to 96% and therefore it is highly scalp-friendly. For example, the cases of oily/dry scalp, dandruff or damaged hair follicles are where the Aveda products show exceptional effects.

Detail Treatment Steps

We offer two kinds of scalp treatment to remedy your scalp issue, each target specific problems:
40 Minutes
Dry, Oily, Red Irritated Scalp
Use Pramasana scalp brush to remove dandruff:
Apply Pramasana scalp cleanser to cleanse scalp follicles
Apply Appropriate Scalp Shampoo
Apply Approriate Scalp Conditioner
Hot Towel Soothe and Rejuvenate
Apply to The Appripriate Hair Leave – In Treatment
Prepare to Style
Thining hair-loss, Oily, Red Irritated Scalp
60 – 75 Minutes
Procedures(in sequence):
Aroma Ritual Soothe Massage
Pramasana Exfolliate Scalp Brush
Pramasana Scalp Purifying Cleanser
Apply Appropriate Scalp Shampoo(Invati Nourishing Shampoo)
Apply Approriate Scalp COnditioner(Invati Instantly Thickens Conditioner)
Pramasana Nourishing Scalp Masque
Hot Towel Soothe and Rejuvenate
Invati Activate Scalp Revitalizer
Paddle Brush Massage
Prepare to Style
Apply to The Appripriate Hair Leave – In Treatment
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