A Cuts Studio & Spa is a group of hair dressing enthusiast based in Johor Bahru, with profession in hair styling, premium hair and scalp treatment in AVEDA Botanicals, LebeL, SHISEIDO, K-Gloss and Olaplex.

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    Hair Salon Johor Bahru (JB)

    A Cuts Studio is a premium hair salon in Johor Bahru (JB). Equipped premium brands: Aveda, Shiseido, K-Gloss and Olaplex, A Cuts Studio offers hair treatment, scalp treatment, keratin treatment as well as all sorts of styling services. Based in Paradigm Mall and Holiday Plaza.

    The premium hair-care brands we use for treatments and styling includes : Aveda (United States), Shiseido (Japan), LebeL (Japan), Olaplex (United States) and the K-Gloss(United States) which is helmed as the #1 Keratin Hair Treatment in 2017. Most of the brands listed are made of botanical ingredients like Shiseido, LebeL and especially Aveda, which all of the ingredeints are of 93% pure flower and botanical essence, aiming to provide the most hair and scalp friendly styling and treatment services.

    About Us

    A featurette with Sister Magazine August 2018

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    Hair Treatments Brands

    • AVEDA (United States)

      Pure botanical ingredients, non-damaging to hair, scalp or skin, from United States.

      ✔ Hair Treatment
      ✔ Scalp Treatment
      ✔ Highlight
      ✔ Coloring
      ✔ Hair Wash
    • LebeL (Japan)

      Japanese origin, their high quality products are specially designed to suit for Asian women hair nature.

      ✔ Hair Treatment
      ✔ Scalp Treatment
      ✔ Keratin Treatment
      ✔ Highlight
      ✔ Coloring
      ✔ Rebonding
      ✔ Hair Wash
    • SHISEIDO (Japan)

      The world's oldest and renowned cosmetics brand, from Japan.

      ✔ Hair Treatment
      ✔ Scalp Treatment
      ✔ Highlight
      ✔ Coloring
      ✔ Perming
      ✔ Rebonding
      ✔ Hair Wash
    • K-Gloss (United States)

      The #1 Keratin bond transformation system.

      ✔ Cuts blow dry time in half
      ✔ Eliminate frizz by 90%
      ✔ Lasts up to 4 months
      ✔ Increases shine and moisture 3X
    • Olaplex Hair Treatment (United States)

      Favored by Lady Gaga, and a lot of celebrities in United States for rebuilding broken hair bonds.

      ✔ Repair hair splits and breakage
      ✔ Anti Frizz
      ✔ Mirror like shinny hair
      ✔ Repair chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage.
    Hair Treatments Brands

    Hair Styling

    A brief look on our hair styling service and its product

    Dark Ash Blue
    Platinium Ash Blue
    Platinium Silver
    Platinium Silver Grey
    Orange Copper
    Ash Violet
    K Gloss Keratin Treatment
    K Gloss Keratin Treatment
    Golden Blonde Highlight
    Korean Digital Perm
    LebeL Materia
    Ombre Color
    Color Highlight
    Keratin Treatment
    Balayage Highlight
    Ashy Color
    Shiseido Primience


    Paradigm Mall (AVEDA)
    Hair Cut & Wash
    68 (Male)
    88 (Female)
    58 (Male)
    68 (Female)
    Children below 12 Y.O.38
    Wash / Blow Dry & Setting
    Extra Long78
    Coloring & Highlight
    Short (Men)168
    Medium (Neck Length)258
    Long (Shoulder Length)298
    Extra Long (Mid Back Length)338 ~ 388
    Highlight168 ~ 388
    Rebonding | Digital Perm
    Short (Men)208
    Extra Long458
    Brazillian Keratin Treatment
    Prices are currently seasonal low!
    Extra Long598
    AVEDA Botanical Treatment with Organic Essential Oils
    Scalp188 ~ 268
    Hair188 ~ 268
    Hair & Scalp Therapy(Full Treatment)398
    Holiday Plaza (LebeL & Shiseido)
    Haircut (with Wash)
    50 (Male)
    60 (Female)
    Children below 12 Years Old38
    Wash/Blow Dry Setting
    Short (Men)30
    Medium (Shoulder Length)40
    Long (Mid Back Length)50
    Color & Highlight
    Retouch108 ~ 138
    Short (Men)108 ~ 138
    Medium (Neck Length)148 ~ 178
    Long (Shoulder Length)168 ~ 198
    Extra Long (Mid Back Length)198 ~ 288
    Bleaching108 ~ 288
    Rebonding & Digital Perm Packages (with Treatment & Cut)
    Short (Men)308
    Medium (Neck Length)358
    Long (Shoulder Length)388
    Extra Long (Mid Back Length)458 ~ 488
    Brazillian Keratin Treatment (K-Gloss)
    Prices are currently seasonal low!
    Extra Long598
    Japan Viege Scalp & Hair Treatment
    7 Steps ~ 10 Steps250 ~ 348
    Shiseido Adenovital Thinning Hair & Scalp Treatment
    7 Steps250

    Updated in January 2019

    *No GST from 1st June 2018*
    *No Hidden Supplementary Charge*
    *The prices are displayed in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)*


    A Cuts Studio & Spa Grand Opening

    A few glances on our grand opening ceremoney, held by Hong Kong International Celebrity "Andy Hui", on 17th January 2018. For more of our event photos, please check our Facebook Album out.

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    All of our latest works can be found on our Facebook or Instagram accounts, do follow us on FB or IG to get the latest deals!

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    Holiday Plaza Opening Hours : 10:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. (Monday – Sunday)
    Paradigm Mall Opening Hours : 10:00 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. (Monday – Sunday)
    Whatsapp: +60167128880
    Telephone(Paradigm Mall) : +6072323444
    Telephone(Holiday Plaza) : +6073301000
    Mobile : +60167128880
    Facebook: A Cuts Studio