Paradigm Mall (AVEDA) / Eco Botanic Outlet (OWAY)

Hair Cut & Wash(RM)
Director’s Haircut (appt. only)108 – 138
Professional78 – 88
Senior Stylist68 – 78
Children below 12 Y.O.58
Spa Wash and Blow (add on 15 for Setting/blow curl)(RM)
Short (Men)48++
Medium (Neck Length)58++
Long (Shoulder Length)68++
Extra Long (Mid Back Length)78++
Color / Highlight (non-ammonia)(RM)
Retouch188 ++
Short (Men)188 ++
Medium (Neck Length)298 ++
Long (Shoulder Length)338 ++
Extra Long (Mid Back Length)388 ++
Rebonding / Digital Perm(RM)
Retouch288 ++
Short (Men)288 ++
Medium (Neck Length)338 ++
Long (Shoulder Length)388 ++
Extra Long (Mid Back Length)488 ++
Smoothing Keratin Treatment(RM)
* Prices is based on actual hair length and volume.
Short (Men)298 ++
Medium (Neck Length)398 ++
Long (Shoulder Length)498 ++
Extra Long (Mid Back Length)598 – 698++
Tokio Anti Frizz Treatment(RM)
* Price is based on the actual hair length & volume.
Short (Men)598 ++
Medium (Neck Length)698 ++
Long (Shoulder Length)798 ++
Extra Long (Mid Back Length)898 ++
Demodexil Scalp Treatment(RM)
Demodexil Scalp Treatment498 ~ 598
AVEDA/OWAY Botanical Treatment(RM)
Scalp188 ~ 338
Hair258 ~ 558
Last update: Aug. 2022
*No Hidden Supplementary Charge*
*The prices are displayed in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)*

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