Eco Botanic Hair Salon


An Awarded Oway Organic Salon

Nestled in the heart of Eco Botanic’s commercial quarter, A Cuts Studio has a big heart. Our vision is for you to have a organic and friendly salon experience – a down-to-earth place to have your shape, trim, colour or complete hair transformation in pure organic ways. You’ll always get attentive service, a great chat, good fairtrade coffee and, of course great hair and scalp!

Why Go Organic?

Quality does matter. We have chosen the Oway to use in our salon because we believe in everything they stand for. Oway offers range of organic products has not only been designed to repair, soften and maintain beautiful hair, but to work as a partner to the Curl and Colour Systems. Here at A Cuts Studio as professionals, we think it is vital that your hair’s inner structure should be protected and maintained with no compromise to your health while still getting organic quality results.

Oway Head.Spa

Every product becomes an essential part of your beauty routine both at the salon and at home. As a flagship product & service from OW, the OW Head.SPA line was designed for use not only on hair and scalp, but also on the face and entire body. Changing the application gestures and times, in a unique all-over you have a complete treatment for face, décolleté and body, scalp exfoliation and an intensive pack for hair lengths.

Eco Botanic Outlet

Haiwash & Blow/Setting
Short 38
Medium 48
Long 58
Extra Long 68
Haircut & Wash
Director Hair Cut (appt. only) 88 ~ 128
Professional 68 ~ 88
Sernior Stylist 58 ~ 68
Below 12 Y.O 38
Color & Highlight
Retouch 168
Short (Men) 138
Medium (Neck Length) 188
Long (Shoulder Length) 228
Extra Long (Mid Back Length) 268
Waist Length 338
Volume Rebonding / Soft Rebonding
Retouch 268
Short (Men) 208
Medium (Neck Length) 298
Long (Shoulder Length) 338
Extra Long (Mid Back Length) 388
Waist Length 438
Korean Soft Perm / Spa Perm
Short (Men) 188
Medium (Neck Length) 228
Long (Shoulder Length) 268
Extra Long (Mid Back Length) 338
Waist Length 388
Brazillian Keratin Treatment (K-Gloss)
Prices are currently seasonal low!
Short 298
Medium 398
Long 498
Extra Long 598
Oway Botanical Treatment(Pure Organic)
Scalp Therapy 258 ~ 338
Hair Therapy 188 ~ 338
Hair & Scalp Therapy 398 ~ 488
Last update: October. 2020
*No GST from 1st June 2018*
*No Hidden Supplementary Charge*
*The prices are displayed in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)*

Our Works

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Our Works

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