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korean perm johor bahru

We provide personalized Korean perm, creating wavy and natural looking curls/waves for your hair. Generally, a Korean perm can last from 6 months to 10 months, depends on how well the hair-care is taken and hair-nature of each individual.

Korean Perm Characteristics

There are no de-facto definition for Korean perm, therefore it’s fair to say that both Korean perm, Japanese perm are close variant of partial perm, but with two distinctive main characteristics:

  • korean perm johor bahru

    Our most popular styles of Korean perm are S, C curls, often these perms are focused on the lower end of hair. When compared to traditional perm like spiral, body perm, Korean perm looks more natural and elegant. Since it is less fancy and more elegant, Korean perm is presentable for many social events either formal or informal.

  • korean perm johor bahru

    Korean perm is also preferred by people who have flat hair style since the perm style can deliver voluminous and weightier hair look. Korean perm make use of slight degree of root, body perm to create a hair outlook that is voluminous, weightier and bouncy while maintaining the overall natural look.

Products used for Korean Perm

korean perm aveda
korean perm shiseido
korean perm lebel

For Korean perm style, we use Aveda, Shiseido or LebeL. The products are botanical-based and is scalp and hair friendly.

Low Maintenance Effort

korean perm johor bahru

One of the reasons Korean perm gaining popularity is due to its ease of maintenance. Perm-care is nonetheless needed, however is much less when compared to traditional perm. When perm-care is well taken, curls or waves will last to maximum ten months because it is relaxed by the passage of time. Perm lotion is specialized to extend the lifespan of curls and is encouraged to apply using the advised routine.

Show us your style

The right perm style and face-fit are the two factors that are paramount to a good Korean perm. If you have a style in mind, please send us your image style so that we could advise more on your personalized perm.

Korean Perm Price

Each of our outlet carries different brands for perm:

Paradigm Mall
Men’s length208
Over Midback458
Holiday Plaza
Men’s length308
Over Midback458
Holiday Plaza: Exclusive Perm Package(LebeL/Shiseido)
1) Korean Perm
2) Haircut & Hairwash
3) 1st Step Hair Treatment

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