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Notice: To cope with the market recession caused by COVID-19 pandemic, we have temporarily marked down most of our services as an endeavour to aid our customers and including ourselves to overcome this challenging situation.

Hijab-Friendly Environment

Over the years, we receive huge support from our Muslimah sisters from Johor Bahru region and Singapore. To establish ourselves toward the best Hijab-friendly environment, our outlets are designed with spacious private space in place to deliver the best Muslimah hairdo experience.

On top of that, we offer private room to our Muslimah sisters with no additional cost to deliver the best Muslimah services experience.(appointment-based)

Muslimah Room(private)


Muslimah Room at Holiday Villa Hotel, ~200 sqft

Sectioned by Full Blind Curtain


Muslimah Room at Paradigm Mall, ~100 sqft

Sectioned by Glass Door and Curtain(full blind applicable)

Our Muslimah services will be served within a comfortable space of 100~200 sqft for both of our Paradigm Mall outlet and Holiday Villa outlet. The space is usable solely by a Muslimah sister, or maximum two Muslimah sisters(possibly friend, family or kid) by the same reservation, conveniently decided upon customer preference. Capacity-wise, we are able to serve maximum two Muslimah sisters simultaneously.

Free Private Room(appointment-based)

Your early booking could help us to schedule better. We offer free private room(no room cost) at all services to encourage advance booking.



We carry plant-based and organic products: Aveda(paradigm mall) and Oway(holiday villa), are both certified as Animal-free.


Exclusively Female Hairdressers

In respect to Islamic principles, our Muslimah services will be only served by our female staff.

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Paradigm Mall (AVEDA)
Hair Cut & Wash
68 (Male)
88 (Female)
58 (Male)
68 (Female)
Children below 12 Y.O.38
Wash / Blow Dry & Setting
Extra Long78
Coloring & Highlight
Short (Men)168
Medium (Neck Length)258
Long (Shoulder Length)298
Extra Long (Mid Back Length)338 ~ 388
Highlight168 ~ 388
Rebonding | Digital Perm
Short (Men)208
Extra Long458
Brazillian Keratin Treatment(K-Gloss)
Prices are currently seasonal low!
Extra Long598
AVEDA Botanical Treatment with Organic Essential Oils
Scalp188 ~ 268
Hair188 ~ 268
Hair & Scalp Therapy(Full Treatment)398
Holiday Villa (OWAY)
Haiwash & Blow/Setting
Extra Long68
Haircut & Wash
Director Hair Cut (appt. only)88 ~ 128
Professional78 ~ 88
Sernior Stylist58 ~ 68
Below 12 Y.O38
Color & Highlight
Short (Men)138
Medium (Neck Length)188
Long (Shoulder Length)228
Extra Long (Mid Back Length)268
Waist Length338
Volume Rebonding / Soft Rebonding
Short (Men)208
Medium (Neck Length)298
Long (Shoulder Length)338
Extra Long (Mid Back Length)388
Waist Length438
Korean Soft Perm / Spa Perm
Short (Men)188
Medium (Neck Length)228
Long (Shoulder Length)268
Extra Long (Mid Back Length)338
Waist Length388
Brazillian Keratin Treatment (K-Gloss)
Prices are currently seasonal low!
Extra Long598
Oway Botanical Treatment(Pure Organic)
Scalp Therapy258 ~ 338
Hair Therapy258 ~ 338
Hair & Scalp Therapy398 ~ 488
Last update: Jul. 2020
*No GST from 1st June 2018*
*No Hidden Supplementary Charge*
*The prices are displayed in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)*

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